Hello. My name Sofronov Paul and I am a professional wedding photographer has for 4 years. I believe that a series of beautifully furnished and the wedding day to please appeal to me - the main thing in my work.
  The world around us is full of wonderful events that everyone can enjoy, but only a professional photographer can saved these events that you remembered, experienced and enjoyed them again.
  It gives me sincere pleasure to get acquainted with the loving couples together to plan their wedding day and to experience their holiday with them.
What inclusived in my services?

 All Weddings day, more than 500 photos, a slide show of the best staff, 8 best printing frames, the recording material on a flash card, exclusive packaging, copy on google drive - 500€
                                                                      Individual photos here
Additional hour of my work costed 50$.
Call me: +375255317381 Viber, whatsapp
Write me: vonDrossel@gmail.com